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Network Project – Design Configuration

Featuring Corvit System Network Design & Configuration

Corvit system is a networking institute in Pakistan with its HQ in Islamabad and multiple branches in different cities of Pakistan. The network is controlled from headquarters and the branches get all services from the headquarters e.g. web, DNS and DHCP services. The branches can access these services wirelessly via internet from their respected locations.

Download the Project steps, guidelines & Configuration

1      Network Topology

1.1       Locations

There is a Local Area Network (LAN) and a Campus Area Network (CAN) in our topology. The HQ in Islamabad has LAN which is a Star topology and the Lahore branch has CAN which is a mesh topology. The LAN and CAN is connected using PTCL (ISP) link and communication between them is done using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) e.g. IPsec VPN, MPLS VPN.

1.2      Layers of Topology

The topology is divided in to 3 layers. 1st layer is access layer where our end devices are connected. The 2nd layer is aggregation layer where our main switches are connected. The 3rd layer is the core layer which connects the LAN and WAN and CAN and WAN.

  • Network Diagram

1.3    Network Diagram

2         Internet Protocol (IP’s) Arrangements

2.1       IP Arrangements of Islamabad HQ

We have used class C IP address with subnet mask We have 32 IP’s in total. 1st five useable IP addresses are reserved for DHCP, DNS, Web server and default Gateway. The remaining useable IP’s are added in DHCP pool for clients.

IP Address:    192.  168.1.0/27


                        Total bits borrowed: 3

                        Remaining bits = 5

25 = 32

Total Useable IPs = 30

2.2       IP Arrangements of Lahore Branch

We have usedclass B IP address with subnet mask We have 16 IP addresses in total at Lahore side. 1st useable IP is reserved for default Gateway and remaining useable IP’s are added DHCP pool for clients and is used by Islamabad DHCP via internet.

IP Address:


                        Total bits Borrowed: 4

                        Remaining bits = 4

24 = 16

Total Useable IPs = 14

3         Physical & Wireless Connections

The Cables used are:

  • Ethernet cable
  • Serial Cable
  • Wireless Connection

We have used Ethernet cable for connecting all LAN sides. The Serial cables are used connect with ISP and wireless connection are only used in HQ for all wireless devices.

4         Information of Devices Used

The devices used in this network is as follows:

  • Routers
  • Switches (Layer 2 & 3)
  • Servers
  • PC’s
  • Laptops
  • Wireless Devices (Phones, PC, Printers)
  • Hub

4.1       Devices Information

DeviceInterfaceIP AddressSubnet MaskDefault Gateway
ISB R1Fa0/1192.168.1.1255.255.255.22424.1.1.1/30
LHR R1Fa0/1172.30.1.1255.255.255.24025.1.1.1/30
DHCP ServerFa0/12192.168.1.5255.255.255.224192.168.1.1
DNS ServerFa0/13192.168.1.4255.255.255.224192.168.1.1
Web ServerFa0/14192.168.1.3255.255.255.224192.168.1.1
PC + Wireless Devices (ISB)Fa0/5-8DHCP Pool (
PC + Laptop (LHR)Fa0/1-5DHCP Pool (
Devices information

4.2       Cisco Packet tracer

Download the Project steps, guidelines & Configuration

5         Network Security

For network security, all routers and switches are password encrypted. All extra ports of switches are shut down by administrator. The MAC address of end devices are stick on accessible switch ports. In case of any violation on switch port, the switch will shut down that port.

The total MAC address stick on port connected to hub will be equal to the PC’s connected to Hub. For instance, if 3 PC’s are connected with Hub, then 3 MAC addresses are stick on the switch port.

Enable Secret Password: cisco

6         Implementation of Servers

We configure 3 servers, DHCP, DNS and Web server in HQ and they provide service via internet in all branches of Corvit system.

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol): For distributing dynamic IP’s in LAN.

DNS (Domain Name Server): Translating IP address into name

Web Server: Used for accessing World Wide Web information

7         Remotely Accessed Devices

We can enable TELNET for accessing routers via internet from one branch to other. The administrator can access routers from PC using TELNET with admin credentials.

TELNET password: cisco

Download the Project steps, guidelines & Configuration

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