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Network segmentation

Network segmentation is a key defense-in-depth strategy for enterprises today. It segregates and protects key company data and limits attackers’ lateral movements across the corporate network. It is also effective in reducing the scope of audits for regulations such as PCI-DSS. But managing the firewall rules that enforce your network segmentation is challenging – and the more segments you have the more firewalls you need to deploy and manage. This inherent trade-off between security and complexity often results in under-segmented networks, which are not as secure as they should be.

Easily define and enforce network segmentation

Our Engineers makes it easy to define and enforce network segmentation throughout your network and across all leading firewall platforms. With us you can quickly validate that your existing network security policy does not violate your network segmentation strategy, block critical business services, and meets compliance requirements. We also proactively check every proposed firewall rule change request against your segmentation strategy to ensure that it doesn’t break it or introduce risk.