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Pharmaceutical Plant – Network Design Project

1.1       Beta Pharmaceutical Network – Kenya

Beta Factory is a Pharmaceutical manufacturing Plant in Kenya. HQ is based in Nairobi, Industrial Area. BETA has multiple branches in different cities of Kenya. The network is controlled from headquarters (BETA FACTORY PLANT.  The branch Offices get all services from the headquarters . Services include web, DNS, DHCP, AD-DC services etc. The branches can access these services via wireless and LAN through Secured tunnel across ISP Network. Download the complete project here.

In the configuration package, It contains Network configuration guide and setup. Also Network packet tracer is available.

2         Network Topology

2.1       Location Description

The LAN topology for both Branches has Campus Area Network (CAN).

The BETA (HQ) LAN has several star topologies. They connect end devices at Access Layers switches in Office Blocks. The LAN connects to WAN (ISP & BRANCH OFFICE) via Secured VPN (tunnels) across ISP Network.

The Branch Office – BO (Commercial Office) sitting 35 Kilometers away, LAN has two-star topology connecting end devices at access layers in the two Building block. The LAN is connected to WAN (ISP & BETA FACTOY )using PTCL (ISP) link and communication between them is done using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnels e.g. IPsec VPN, MPLS VPN.

The ISP Network, Intermediary sits between the HQ and BO providing WAN connectivity to both LANs, 35-KM apart.

The Two Offices, HQ/RO and BO sit far away from ISP at 12 km and 10 Km respectively. 

2.2       Layers of Topology

The topology is divided into 3 layers. 1st layer at HQ Plant, is DATA CENTER (having Core-layers). DC connects the LAN and WAN( ISP & BRANCH OFFICE). The 2nd layer is aggregation layer where the main switches interconnects within Data center. The 3rd layer, the Access layers gives a star-like topology for end devices connectivity in the office blocks. This give a Compass Area Network (CAN).

2.3       Network Diagram

  • WAN & LAN
  • Pharmaceutical Network Diagram
  • BO LAN
  • BETA-FACTORY-HQ-Topology
  • DATA Center - HQ
  • Packet Tracer Topology

[i] Beta Factory Plant – HQ

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