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Are you looking to install a new security camera system to protect your business or commercial property? Would you like to see your entire property at a glance from your smartphone and even stop crime before it happens?

Welcome to the world of video surveillance and security camera solutions at Ecommerce Webs Ltd

Security camera CCTV systems come in a variety of different image resolutions, integration capabilities and use cases. Some business security cameras are used indoors while others are used outdoors, some pan, tilt and zoom for broader coverage while others are built to read license plates coming into a parking lot. All businesses need a security camera system.

Why? Because having video evidence of any crime happening on your property can not only help catch the perpetrator but it can also show where the building’s security system is vulnerable and you can make the necessary changes to cub the insecurity.

DVRs with coaxial cables generally have image quality that deteriorates after around 300 feet. With an NVR system, you can get around this by using a POE extender, POE injector, or POE switch to extend cables over long distances, while maintaining high image quality. NVRs offer high flexibility — connected to the same IP network, NVRs can be installed virtually anywhere in your building. 

Since NVRs use a software program to automatically record video in a digital format, they can easily transmit data over computer networks and even remotely stream security footage in real time on a mobile device. NVRs are also typically newer and more advanced systems that offer higher video quality, compatibility with more cameras, and more flexible features.

For business security systems with existing coaxial wiring and analog cameras, installing a DVR is the best bet. For commercial security camera systems starting from scratch, NVRs are a great choice, which offer higher-resolution IP cameras and remote video feed access.

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Is an Analog or IP System Better?

Analog CCTV cameras offer high reliability thanks to their coax cables, but they generally shoot in much lower resolutions than their digital counterparts (though HD-over-Coax is a possibility). IP security cameras are capable of much higher resolution — up to 4k in many cases — and thus provide better image quality. They are also usually compatible with many more features than analog based systems, such as video verification, video analytics, and advanced processing for performance in low-light recording situations.

IP systems tend to feature easier CCTV camera installation and less cabling than analog systems. IP cameras can also be scaled almost infinitely, allowing for far more flexibility and more powerful systems than analog cameras have traditionally allowed. For instance, while the network may be closed, many even allow for remote monitoring with a smartphone app