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Pharmaceutical Network – Plant Project

$ 5.00

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Project files;

  • Network Diagram – Draw-io files for each network branch.
  • 4 Project Packet Tracers lab Configuration.
  • High resolution Network Diagram.
  • Subnet assignment.
  • **Subnet Table.
  • Network Redesign tests.
  • Remote VoIP Configuration.
  • Overlay & Underlay Networks.
  • CHAP & PAP.


Beta Factory is a Pharmaceutical manufacturing Plant in Kenya. HQ is based in Nairobi, Industrial Area. BETA has multiple branches in different cities of Kenya. The network is controlled from headquarters (BETA FACTORY PLANT.  The branch Offices get all services from the headquarters . Services include web, DNS, DHCP, AD-DC services etc. The branches can access these services via wireless and LAN through Secured tunnel across ISP Network.

In the configuration package, It contains Network configuration guide and setup. Also Network packet tracer is available

[i] Beta Factory Plant – HQ



Featuring pharmaceutical Network Design Configuration.  read the article design

Additional information


Learn to create multiple logical networks that exist within a single Class A, B, or C network. Design features Class C

Draw IO

Includes Project network design Diagram for each site, ISP, HQ, BO

Project Guide

Project file guide and Configuration


Includes Packet Tracer Configurations for:
1. Complete Network System(HQ-ISP-BO- WAN.
2. Separate Branch Office (BO)- LAN
3. Data Center,
4. Separate Head Quarter(HQ) – LAN


1. Redesigning the HQ LAN network subnetting.
2. Variable Length Subnetting Musk for CCTV Network, Printer Network.
3. Redesigning HQ network per Department into 12 VLANs


VPN tunnels(GRE); SIP, SSCP, EIGRP, OSPF, RIP, Overlay & Underlay Network deployment, DHCP, DNS,


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